Nuts and Berries



Mention doing yoga and people think of skinny Indian gurus sitting in the lotus position or bending in all sorts of unnatural positions while eating yogurt and nuts! It is something to be done by some weird person somewhere else.

While actually there are all sorts of forms of yoga and all involve breathing and bodily awareness, some do involve standing on your head. But some forms involve sitting in a chair and even laughing…check this out…try it if you can’t stand on your head but want to do yoga.

Really, yoga is about breathing, breathing the same air that has been flying around the planet since the beginning. The breath that the Spirit breathed into our ancient ancestors and the followers of Jesus is that which has given life to all creation. This same Spirit moved the primordial gasses that birthed the elements which make up our bodies.

My friend, Manuel, from Argentina, while he was studying in Dayton, expressed this notion by saying that he was 13.5 billion years old because his body was made of elements generated at the Big Bang. He was also generated at the Big Bang!

Saying you are 13.5 billion years old is a good way to call attention to the idea that we are all Children of the Universe. And believing this is a giant step toward understanding and practicing ecology.

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