Sister Miriam Therese Winter, the Singing Nun of the 60’s –remember “Joy is Like The Rain”-wrote a book on spirituality in a quantum universe in 2009 which has not attracted a lot of attention but should.

Called Paradoxology, it attempts to integrate quantum physics, spirituality, poetry and her attachment to the arts into a vision of how to relate spiritual truths to our lives in light of new knowledge about matter and the universe.

Probably it has not received a lot of attention because it speaks in poetry and metaphor about some far out science. To relate to the book one has to suspend all previously conceived notions of the holy and take on a more lyrical approach to God and Spirit.

The author uses some of her own songs and new poems to illustrate ideas that were first introduced in the Divine Milieu and other Teilhard works as well as in the work of subsequent authors who write about the Big Bang. Many of the songs and poems could be used in prayer services.

She likes to use alliteration a lot as you see in this poem:

In and through

the quantum modes of




Spirit infiltrates spirit

to reach our chaotic

not fully conscious

disconnected selves,

to motivate and integrate,

to instigate and inspire.

In this manner


behaves like waves of energy

reverberating, resonating, replicating


“In the beginning” takes on new meaning when she tells the story of creation.

You can read a part of the book at

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