Who is this guy Tommy Hilfiger anyway, getting people to wear clothing which features his name?  What an ego! I don’t think he pays them. It’s like branding cattle to make sure everyone knows you own it!

Branding is all the rage these days. Even the university where I worked talks about “branding”.  Bloggers are told to promote their brand.

Frankly, I try to avoid wearing anything which sports a logo but I’ve received so many shirts featuring a university ID that it is hard to avoid. Logos and other writing on T shirts is a way of communicating these days.

I often get distracted in church by having to read all of the messages bombarding me in the pews ahead. The only way to avoid it is to sit in the first pew or wait til winter when the T shirts are covered with  jackets…except if it is a The North Face jacket with the logo on the rear! The North Face is beating out all competitors according to a private survey taken in church this winter. There seems to be a direct correlation between the number of The North Face jackets and the economic level of the congregation.

. You can’t have a decent race or event these days unless you have a special T shirt.

In visiting Africa the number of Harvard sweatshirts you see on the streets out numbers those for Playboy. Who would know? I asked one person if he had graduated from Harvard and he replied “no” that it was cheaper to just buy the shirt! To wear a sweatshirt with a university logo says I am part of the school and proud of it. Does wearing a Tommy shirt say the same?

I guess the question is who am I? Am I a free thinking individual or a consumer? Who owns me and to whom do I belong? 

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1 Response to WHAT A BIG EGO!

  1. rj says:

    Which nephew was that!? Ridiculous.

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