It seems summer has arrived when the day lilies appear along the roadside, those large clumps of orange buds which keep on coming. Then you know it is summer.

Spring flowers are nice signs of new life but very ephemeral. You have to be there at the moment to appreciate them.

It seems summer flowers are hardier and they keep coming and coming. I’m thinking of old fashioned flowers like holly hocks, xenias, petunias, flocks,and day lilies. And chrysanthemums, nothing seems to stop them.

Enjoy some of my images of summer time flowers, some of them like holly hocks may remind you of your grandmother.

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One Response to SUMMER FLOWERS

  1. Jim Facette says:

    What’s in a name?! I do most of all appreciate the beauty of flowers. But getting a name does something too. I recognize the Rose of Sharon–oh, so beautiful. And the Tiger lilies. The rest are shaky.

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