Everyone should have a Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum in their backyard for walking and pondering. It has everything: quiet, hills, trees and shade. It was established in the days when cemeteries did not require all headstones to be flush with the ground and the variety of grave markers presents a continuing source of wonder about the person they commemorate.

I noticed that many of the grave markers have benches or chairs associated with them which are an invitation to sit and ponder. Here are a few of the benches as caught by morning light.

If you are in the area I suggest trying out one of the benches. If not, I hope you can find a place to wander and sit to ponder.

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2 Responses to SIT AND PONDER

  1. Joe Kamis says:

    I find myself, when biking in Forest Park, here in St. Louis, that I stop more often now on a bench to ponder the wildlife, blue sky, green trees, the faces of people and just to notice the air I am taking in – all gifts from our most high God.

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