Cox Arboretum, a part of the Five Rivers Metroparks, is unique because of its special features: well-tended gardens, lakes, flowing stream, butterfly house, flowering trees, wild flowers, observation tower and woods with hiking trails, It is my favorite park for taking pictures. Check it out : Cox Arboretum

The gardens and flowers are supported by green houses and cold frames where volunteers continually plant new flowers for later distribution throughout the park.

Cox Arboretum is Canada Geese free thanks to a working dog, Zip, who distinguishes between geese and ducks and allows ducks but no geese areĀ found.

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2 Responses to COX ARBORETUM

  1. Carole Ganim says:

    Hi Phil, I love your moseying thoughts and pictures. I hope when I grow up, I can mosey just like you. Best, Carole Ganim

  2. Phyllis says:

    Phil – this was a happy reminder of the day we spent here. We’ll have to go back to climb the tower. Phyllis

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