Patterns which are often found in natural and manufactured objects have been the subject of some of my photographs. The repeated designs make for the attractive images we see in everything from wall coverings, to clothing and to buildings.

The mathematical term for the iteration of shapes is the subject of the mathematical study of fractals (click on fractals to learn more) which are described in formulas and equations beyond my complete understanding. Here is another internet source for fractals. Repeating patterns have fascinated me since my chemistry teaching days when I tried to show that all of nature consisted of little particles linking up and being taken apart. (click on any of these photos for a larger version).

Looking at nature and the world in terms of fractals opens a whole new world of wonder!

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1 Response to PATTERNS

  1. Estella Ibarra says:

    Phil, I loved your blog on patterns because it resonated with the way patterns for years have been part of my life. thanks, estela


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