I’ve titled this posting as autumn and not fall because the latter does not seem to have as much complexity. For me autumn is the most interesting season because before part of nature dies off we are presented with all sorts of welcome changes.

Fall seems to describe the loss of leaves while autumn suggests changes in so many things: cooler temperatures, less humidity, more color, shorter days and falling leaves.

Color is probably the most dramatic and attractive aspect of autumn.

These photos of color are from different years and different places but they all show the splendid glory which precedes the death of plants until we have a glorious resurrection in a few more months! Hang in!

(Click on any photo to see a larger version)

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8 Responses to AUTUMN

  1. David Fleming says:

    Thanks, Phil. I’m sending to Indian friends in Dayton, who marvel at this novelty.


  2. Ann Hudock says:

    My favorite season too! Just this morning driving to school I pointed out leaves to the boys who told me to stop talking about them. I told them these were God’s decorations for the world. How could they not appreciate them?

  3. Estella Ibarra says:

    Sending your posting to some sisters in India and Africa. Wow, thanks for displaying God’s creation!

  4. Mary Gorgette says:

    Gorgeous, Phil. Thanks! Autumn always makes me nostalgic for Ohio.

  5. Cecelia (Aaron) Morrisson says:

    Autumn is my favorite season too, Uncle Phil. Your pictures are wonderful. God is a wonderful artist.

  6. A. Barrish says:

    Hello, Phil — ‘Like your leaves! Did you design this page? I’m working on one also. Maybe you can help. Peace! ajb,sm

  7. says:

    Phil, and right now the colors seem to be at their best. Beautiful autumn this year. I wish it would hold on a little longer. I’m going on retreat Oct. 28 – Nov. 4, to the Dominican retreat house in Racine Wisc. On Lake Michigan! It just might be a wee bit cold on L. Mich. at this time of year! Oh well, it’s still on a lake, and maybe I can enjoy it from inside if I can’t from outside.

    We just had a very good Mission conference this weekend. I’ve been on the planning committee for 18 months!!! I thought that was a bit long, but I have to say I got to enjoy the folks on the committee, and it turned out to be a very good conference. A good number of people from Dayton, from CJ and others from Dayton.


  8. Marcelo says:

    Hello Brother,
    loved the colors and the life they represent. I can also sense your permanent joy when this magic happens in front of your eyes. Thanks for capturing it and sharing it.
    I´m delighted to see that the viewfinder issue has been solved!

    The Julios

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