Early this month I attended a meeting at Bon Secours Conference and Retreat Center near Baltimore where I discovered beauty in a very prominent water garden.

And hidden in a woods nearby I found a peace garden with qualities which some describe as a Zen meditation garden.

This style of dry garden is called a Zen rock garden because it is a place to achieve balance and serenity through the placement of rocks and the raking of gravel.  Bamboo is often planted around the edge of the garden.

The islands of stones indicate various symbols, and the types and number of stones have symbolic meaning for those who practice Zen.

Want to see how to make your own Zen garden?  Click here


  1. Phil,

    Thanks for sharing. One pic looks like Giverny ( Monet).

    I like the Zen garden… the rocks make you look twice and appreciate form and structure… slows one down to reflection mode.


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