Yellow ginkgo leaves were seen all over our neighborhood this past week thanks to the legendary John Patterson of NCR who lined the streets near the “cash” with ginkgo trees. (click any image for a larger picture)

In Woodland Cemetery ginkgoes provided glorious yellow trees as well as a ground covering which made  it look like the grass and road were covered with gold.

The cemetery planted ginkgoes because it wanted to provide a beautiful last resting place; Patterson thought a beautiful environment was good for business.

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2 Responses to GOLDEN GINKGOES

  1. rj says:

    Nice ginkoe pics! I’m coming early Saturday. Hope to be in town by 10:30. Saturday is Senior Day. So parents go out on the field. See you at the game?

  2. says:

    Phil, thanks for educating me on the history of Patterson. I noticed the ginkos on the walkway to Reichart. The unusual shape leaves . Two falls ago, I was creating quilts that focused on leaves, so I took notice ( you know, look twice before you shoot a photo). It was fun to become more observant. I have some ginko fabric that I put in a Japanese -themed quilt. I like it. Thanks for sharing…

    Linda Watkins

    Have fun in band today. I won’t be there… off to visit KY ‘s Bourbon Trail with my brother from Chicago…

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