Ponds which are a found in almost all  parks are a delight  in any season. The reward for a photographer is a second capture of color in the reflection on the water.

Ponds teem with life and, in evolutionary terms, are the sources of life. All life came out of ponds.

Sit at a pond for a few minutes and you will be rewarded with small and large visitors: birds and other wild life who seek hidden treasures. (click on any image for a larger photo).

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  1. Howland Kinsley says:

    Many have wondered if it is possible for aquatic plants to co-exist with large Koi. I saw a good example of how water plants can co-exist with large Koi when I visited Raffles Junior College recently. There is a large, beautifully constructed and well-maintained biodiversity pond located within the campus. There are large carps, catfishes in the well planted Orange County water ponds.

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