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    Phil, your tribute to Mel inda was a beautif ul and an interesting reflection on music, making one appreciate it even more. And I loved the photo of the sculpture of the flutist, and of the lovely floating flower.

    I saw Jim and Ray Fitz and Angela Ann Zukowski last night, and then Joe Kunkel and Marianne too. all of us were at the cinema to see Lincoln. Have you seen it yet? It was a beautifully made film and the acting was superb, I thought, but I found it confusing. I need to know the history better. It was hard to keep straight who was who and what side they were on! But I’m still glad I saw it, and know a lot more about what happened during Lincoln’s presidency.

    I’m reading a book I just love right now. An Alter in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor. Have you read it?


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