For those who are not familiar with novelist Jodi Picoult, let me introduce you. Picoult has authored twenty novels addressing very complicated social and medical issues.

What is most impressive about her work is the extensive research she does to make her characters sound authentic.

In Handle With Care she had to learn extensive scientific information about osteogenesis imperfecta, a congenital disease which causes a fetus to suffer broken bones even while in the womb and, if it survives, for the rest of its life.  In this novel, a medical malpractice suit questions whether a child could have been aborted.

In Lone Wolf she tackles the topic of end of life issues in a story about a man who lives with wolves which requires extensive knowledge about wolf packs as well as the medical and legal questions surrounding end of life: questions about who can make decisions about continued care, organ donation and withdrawal of artificial life supports.

In Sing You Home she addresses the topic of gay rights and the issues related to modern reproductive science and what makes up a family in today’s world.

Salem Falls is about the social and legal problems associated with being convicted of a sex crime coupled with some teen age girls fascination with witchcraft requiring the author to know tons of information about the legal and scientific issues related to rape and social and religious aspects of witchcraft.

If a social or legal topic of interest to you has not yet been mentioned I am sure you will find it in one of the other novels by Jodi Picoult. Good reading.

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5 Responses to PICOULT

  1. chuck says:

    Phil very thoughtful books but a bit too heavy for me ! Chuck _____

  2. watkinsloa@aol.com says:

    Thanks, Phil, the topics interest me… I know she is a prolific writer. I wil look her up…


    See you later today! Sorry I did not talk too much yesterday… no voice as of yet..

  3. Tom j. j. Oster says:

    Thanks Bro. Phil

  4. barrisha1 says:

    Very interesting, Phil . Read The Tender Bar by Moehringer. I find it delightful — I’m still working on it.

  5. Julia O'Hara says:

    Hi Phil. Jodi Picoult is very popular among book group readers. I’ve read two or three of hers, including The Pact and My Sister’s Keeper, but nothing lately. I’ve always been impressed with her research. Thanks for bringing me back to her recent work.

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