In the monochromatic forest environment at this time of the year massive sycamores stand out because of the striking white bark of their bare upper branches and their distinctive shedding of bark.sspsycamoressycblue

Usually giant sycamores are found along creeks and rivers but they have been a popular choice for shade trees in urban landscapes. Check Wyoming Street in Dayton…or boulevards in Rome, Paris or Prague where trimming cuts down their size.  Today smaller ornamental pear trees are seen to be more desirable because they are “cleaner” and less of a problem with power lines and sewers even though they give less shade.


In Woodland Cemetery, sycamores rise up to one hundred feet tall to provide shade on some of the roads.sidewats

Sycamore State Park near Trotwood gets its name from the many sycamore trees which line Wolf Creek.



In McPherson Town neighborhood in Dayton, seventy-five year old sycamores may have been among the sixteen trees cut down to strengthen  the levee although there is no conclusive proof that they weaken levees.

For more, see more Dayton City Paper.

(click on any image for a larger picture).


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2 Responses to GIANT SYCAMORES

  1. Carole Ganim says:

    Hi Phil, I love these pictures. I have all kinds of images of trees and love how you capture their presence. Your tree pictures from the swamp has become my screen saver. Thank you and have a Merry Christmas. Carole

  2. Norbert Burns says:

    Phil, All my Christmas blessings. Norb

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