Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander is the latest in a long list of books about near death experiences (NDE). What’s different about this one is that it was written by a skeptical neurosurgeon about his out-of-body experience while being in a meningitis induced coma for a week.

dawn3Doctor Alexander, the son of a surgeon, was on the faculty of Harvard Medical School when a spinal infection sent him first to the emergency room and then to the universe. His book has two parts: what happened to his family alternates with what was happening to his soul during the coma.

Alexander claims he heard strange sounds and then he went through an opening into a completely new world of physical beauty where a young girl guided him and told him three things: “You are loved…”, You have nothing to fear” and There is nothing you can do wrong.”  Afterwards he identifies the guide as a sister he never knew existed.


His NDE is told in vivid detail of lights, color and sounds. Completely free of his bodily identity, he claims that he traveled deeper than any person with a NDE before and gained a new sense of consciousness of the nature and scope of the universe. He compares it to a chimpanzee being a human for a day!


Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Afterlife was written because the author found difficulty trying to explain his NDE to others, especially fellow surgeons, because he described it in terms of quantum physics. He concludes that consciousness is the great and central mystery of the universe. He claims that consciousness is ” actually more real than the rest of physical existence.”


You can check out an interview with the author on YouTube or read part of the book at amazon..


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