After standing in the elements in a cemetery for several years, grave stones start to acquire their own patina due to colors from metals in the rock, lichens and moss. Here are some winter images collected in a recent walk.


Snow adds its own character to the stains caused by other factors.



stains6Probably in a few weeks as spring arrives the brown mosses will turn to green.

Trace metals in natural rocks tend to add to the stain to produce spots of yellow and red. I plan to return to some of these sites to watch the change in colors as the seasons progress.


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4 Responses to StainArt

  1. Tom j. j. Oster says:

    Bro. Phil: Our God has blest us in many ways,  your perceptions and sharing helps our own growth,  awareness of many gifts about us: Tom

  2. says:


    You are getting a keen eye in the cememtary recently. Actually, by this blog, I know you have strolled and reflected there many a time. Thanks for sharing. This is what artists and photographers are taught to do….look twice…


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