Spring is here: though we always doubt, the earth does come back to life each year. It is something we can count on!  One of the first signs of spring is the red bud!


One of my favorite places in spring is Cox Arboretum in the Five Rivers Metro Parks where a display of hundreds of tulips was always a spring event. But during a recent visit a gardener said the park had given up on tulips because they required labor to dug up and replant each spring. He suggested checking out the one hundred thousand daffodils on display in the park.


Now tulips at Cox are displayed in doors in planters.




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5 Responses to IT’S HERE

  1. Rachel Chadwick says:

    Thanks for the pics,  Phil     Also be sure to drive west on Bigger Rd from Far Hills.   Turn left onto Mad River rd, just past David’s Cemetery.  About 3 blocks south on Mad River, look over to the right hand side and see the beautiful yard full of tulips.  It’s an annual treat!

        I usually park at the next cross street and walk over to see it more closely. Be careful of the busy traffic there.       Have a lovely day, Rachel


  2. Sr. Nicole says:

    These pics are beautiful! I was just telling Marcia that I hadn’t been to Cox in a few years now. I guess I should rectify that situation.

  3. says:


    One of my friends who I ride with told me that she heard from a gardener on the radio that red buds are edible. We tried them twice, plucking them while on horseback. They taste exactly like fresh peas. Try it! You can only do this NOW ! I imagine they would look pretty in a salad. See you later today.


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