Ever wonder why there are so many roads named Patterson in Dayton? Col. Robert Patterson, Revolutionary War hero came to Dayton in 1804 from Lexington, KY to 2,038 acres of farm land that became the Patterson Homestead and is now part of the Dayton City Parks .


Now the homestead consists of about two acres on the edge of the campus of the University of Dayton midst the traffic of Brown Street and the odors from fast food restaurants, a gem of an urban oasis.



Several homes adjacent to the park trace their origin to the Patterson family and, no doubt, they at one time housed grandsons, John and Frank, founders of the National Cash Register Company in 1888.

Someone should start a campaign to have Five Rivers Metro Parks take over the management of the Patterson Homestead as it has done for several other city parks. Under present management the park always looks a bit shabby and Five Rivers knows parks and how to manage them. It can manage well and allow the city to spend scarce resources on the many other problems it has.


Dayton History manages the museum. For more information and interior photos (warning, this is a web page of a ghost group which has evaluated the house!)


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    Thanks for sharing the history and the great spring photos! I went to the Patterson Homestead last fall for bridal shower. Delighted to see the inside and to know that it can be rented for special events. Nice history.


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