An interesting way to view a city is through its public sculpture. In the Dayton area there are a number of places to go to view one-of-a-kind pieces that have special significance. I took photos of some of them.

The most recent addition to public sculpture in the area, Fluid Mechanics. the large yellow piece at the corner of East Fifth and Patterson Blvd, the former site of the Miami-Erie Canal, represents the flow of water which brought prosperity to the Dayton area. It was funded by the Pflaum Family, famous Dayton publisher. The world renowned sculptor was Jon Barlow of Yellow Springs.


Flyover, the title of the prominent structure on Main Street in downtown Dayton, commemorates the Wright Brothers’ relationship with the city. Its 120 foot length is the distance of their first flight and the unkempt grass below the sculpture is reminiscent of Hoffman Prairie where many of their models were tested.The sculpture is by Ohio artist, David Black, who is famous for his large-scale metal sculptures including Euclid Circle in Cleveland


In 2002 the City of Kettering sponsored a 20 day event during which 8 international artists produced sculptures two of which are in Lincoln Park. Japanese artist Keizo Ushio contributed an untitled piece consisting of an interwoven ribbon of rock. Other pieces are located in various parks in Kettering.

A second one was made at that time by John Van Alstine commemorating the tragedy of 9/11 It is a stylized sundial which casts a shadow at the exact time of the event.



A year earlier Barry Gunderson of Kenyon College was commissioned to produce a sculpture for Lincoln Park entitled Song and Dance., an  aluminum piece consisting of four dancers.


Other places to see local sculpture is the park outside the Air Force Museum and in Wegerzyn Gardens where some of the pieces are alive!

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