BearLakeCORecently I came across photos from 1977 (my naive phase) when I took twenty students and four adults on a three week backpacking trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. The trip was amazingly free of problems and all had a great time.

People in Pittsburgh wondered  why I went all the way to CO when we had mountains in western Pennsylvania...obviously not the same thing!



It is interesting to notice the difference in equipment …no fiberglass tent poles, no internal frame packs!



Although there were a couple of Boy Scout types in the group, most of the students had never been camping before let alone hiking in the Rockies. On the trail we split into four groups of five or six and climbed to about 10,000 feet. My  group hit the trail in the northern part of the park where we could see the Never Summer peaks.onthetrailCO


COsceneIt was a time before cell phones, fears of terrorism and the distractions of facebook! It was a great time.

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8 Responses to CAMPING IN 1978

  1. Tom j. j. Oster says:

    Thanks Bro. Phil: For the photos, and reminders of the past. What’s our God about, allowing, - andoffering Today?Tom Kenya

  2. RJ says:

    That’s one rugged lookin Marianist among those long haired hippy types – I’d say a la Redford and Eastwood in their quiet mountain man movies. Now, 1981, there was a trip! 🙂

  3. Marcelo says:

    great photos Phil… I see that nothing has changed, I´ll see you soon to enjoy some of the outdoors with the new generation of campers that follow your trail….
    many blessings

  4. says:

    How wholesome. No fears … just explore and appreciate.


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