I spent the last week at a New Horizons music camp in Holland, Mi and found it to be a delightful place full of all sorts of sculpture. Some were life like figures and others were abstract figures made of scrap metal. The camp was located on the campus of Hope College an attractive setting for more sculpture and flowers.

Holland was founded by Dutch immigrants and so there are lots of references to tulips and other Dutch artifacts.

imigrantsThe main street in downtown Holland is filled with restaurants and gift shops and decorated with whimsical sculptures of life-sized figures such as the Boy Scouts flag raising, musicians and other figures.







Of course, what would Holland be without a windmill?signunwindeHolland Mi is a great place to chill out! In my next post I will use photos of the many abstract and scrap metal sculptures in Holland MI

One Comment

  1. Nice photos ! Just like traveling there myself. I worked in Muskegon, down the road, but never visited Holland. In Muskegon, one heard a lot of dumb Hollander jokes … ( you know, there are always “in groups” and “out groups”).

    See you next week. Dottie promised to get out a list of about 12-15 pieces and we will practice them in order.. not wasting time.


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