Southeast Ohio is about as different from northwest Ohio as could be.Thanks to the fact the area is filled with narrow  valleys and sharp hills it was saved from being turned into farm land and today is the home of the Wayne National Forest and several state parks including Stroud Run, places where these photos were taken on a recent camping trip.


Another area state park is Lake Hope where I found boats waiting to be rented.


The National Forest Service does a great job in preserving natural history in the Wayne National Forest. Along the Little Muskingum several covered bridges and old homesteads have been preserved like this old grist mill from the early 1800’sringcabin3



In a few more weeks this area will be ready to show off fall colors!!!!!!!!!



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4 Responses to SOUTHEAST OHIO

  1. Mary says:

    These photos are gorgeous, Phil. I love the one of the boats. I’m looking forward to your photos of fall colors! Autumn always makes me nostalgic for Ohio. Take care.

  2. says:

    Phil, I like all your pictures. The sunset on the river is peaceful.


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