HILLS&DALES…a park for all seasons


Hills & Dales, a gem in the Five Rivers Metro Parks system, is situated on 57 acres between Oakwood and Kettering, OH and was deeded to the City of Dayton by John Patterson, founder of the NCR Corp in 1918.


In 1999 the Metro Parks began managing it and spent a million dollars to improve the facilities with board walks and trails, shelters, and lots of swings and Adirondack style chairs.


Though Metro Parks has made vast improvements, the basic plan, developed by The Olmsted Brothers, famed park designers of the late 1800’s, is still there.




Hill & Dales with its pond, shelters, trails, forest, flowers, trails, and accessibility  to Dayton, Oakwood and Kettering, is flanked by two golf courses.


Check out the web site http://www.metroparks.org/Parks/HillDales/

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6 Responses to HILLS&DALES…a park for all seasons

  1. Kathy Quinlivan Schwiebert says:

    Beautiful pictures!! I’m a Villa Angela/UD grad and have lived in Oklahoma almost 30 years. Had forgotten how beautiful Ohio is in the fall.

  2. watkinsloa@aol.com says:

    Thanks for the photos. Although I am a volunteer with the Metroparks, I have never visited Hills & Dales. I like your fall photo.


  3. Laura McManamon says:

    Plan to take my grandchild there t his week for a walk this week. Thanks for the info.

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