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Autumn architecture: Fall photos from various places. This one in Germantown, OH


My backyard


Caesar’s Creek Pioneer Village



A barn in Woodland Cemetery


My garage at Chambers St.


Clifton Mill


How’d you like to spend a night in this dog house motel in Cottonwood, ID?



  1. Thanks, Phil: Brings back pleasant memories,   and the reminder to notice & appreciate Africa’s differences in nature. All gift of our God.   Tom


  2. Phil,

    Where the heck is the Germantown photo? Awful..

    I like the prairie grass in your backyard.

    You have been exploring many places…

    Simple pleasures.

    I am reading Ten Poems To Last a Lifetime by Roger Housden. I picked it up because I was looking for the new book of poems by Billy Collins, a poet laureate ( twice). One of his poems is in this book. So is Rilke and a number of others. Each has commentary. The reflections are comments on life, its fragility, human pleasures or pursuits. Mainly, the comments are about just being a peace in one’s later stages.. a simple yellow leaf or a sunset, or the shadow of a tree.. You know that if you have your hiking boots on all the time!

    See you in band.


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