Diarmuid O”Murchu, an Irish social worker and priest, continues his pace of one book a year with the publication of God In The Midst Of Change: Wisdom For Confusing Times in which he writes about radical theology without being condemned by the Vatican because he does not claim to be a theologian!

bag3O”Murchu says his book is “reader-friendly” since it has short sections rather than long chapters and is written to encourage further exploration of the subject rather than to present a completed theological argument. Segments end with a list of suggestions for how to cope in this time of rapid change.

The book is concerned with the lure of evolution which pulls all of creation toward greater complexity and unity. Readers of O’Murchu may be challenged in some fundamentals of their faith since he reinterprets some myths which are the basis of Christian doctrine such as the fall and redemption, These and other tenets of faith are discussed as  phenomenon reinterpreted in light of to the lure of evolutionary energy and Spirit.


O’Murchu is concerned with what he calls the “2000 year benchmark” which is the measure, for many, of all that is good especially if is part of Western culture. He points to the long history of the universe and earth which does not measure everything in terms of limitations, sin and corruption. Wisdom to cope with confusing times is to be found in all spiritual disciplines, he says.bag4bag5

Among the many questions addressed, O”Murchu tackles the notion of where is God in the midst of horrible events such as devastating hurricanes, earth quakes and other disasters. His answer is that these events are all a part of the evolutionary process in which all of creation continues to go through a death-dying and rising process. It is a matter of justice for humans to develop ways to protect all humans against these events.

For O’Murchu the real culprit in these confusing times is patriarchy which produced the Sky God and emphasized a need for humans to be rescued and redeemed. It is patriarchy which prevents Christianity from making a significant contribution to developing a new consciousness.


God In The Midst Of Change, like all of O’Murchu’s books, may disturb some readers because he looks for truth in many unorthodox places. His advice for coping in matters of spirituality: befriend the chaos of our time.

If anyone in the Dayton area wants to join a discussion group about this book, please contact me.


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