Thanks to God for the abundance of Nature. May we always strive to distribute it in a just way.



Thanks to God for all the farm families who deliver the abundance to us…



Over many years from new barns and old barns.barn1


From humble homes…


Photos from Cox and Possum Creek Metro Parks, Beavercreek Wetlands Phillips Park, Caesar’s Creek, west Dayton farms


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  1. Tom j. j. Oster says:

    Thanks Bro. Phil: My grandparents farm (my Mom’s side) was a powerful,    and important part of my early years.   In fact most of the summer vacations,  during my late grade school,    and all high school days,       were spent there, helping. Chickens, pigs, couple cows, and two sizeable work horses,      with wheeled implements, for planting, cultivating and harvesting crops. The old tractor belt driven Threshing machine,    with bundles of dry grain going in one end,       sacks of grain being filled at the middle,          and the straw and chaff being directed,              at the other end, into the huge straw stack.   The threshing machine was followed by the combine and baler,    which operated right in the grain fields,      and eliminated all the former “cooperation” between farmers. In my last year at CL, Gramp sold the horses and bought a tractor.   Interesting, the gifts and ways of our God,   and of Mary. Thanks for all you share of Their offerings, ways:  Tom

  2. Carmon M. Marshall says:


    My youth included a farm life experience very similar to that Tom has described here. Over several years of time, I was allowed to live with relatives who famed a large acreage farm in Henry county. I lived in Lucas county at the time of my youth.

    I grew up having that opportunity to witness farm life with its wonderful geography, enrichment, and odors that have remained with me since. My continued joyful appreciation spawned my interest in photography and more importantly good stewardship of our environment and sharing with our youth. Such a joy.

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