Dirty slush under grey skies

Depression is real

Hope is in the color Green





These photos were taken in Five Rivers Metro Parks, Beavercreek Wetlands. Washington National Forest

and Bill Yanks Park




Think Green!

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5 Responses to THINK GREEN

  1. Tom j. j. Oster says:

    Thanks Phil: Even over here, where it is always green, there are always inviting new things to be observed, new insights to God’s wonders & invitations: Tom

  2. carmon marshall says:

    Your sharing has always reflected your caring.

    Thank you

  3. Mary says:

    Beautiful, Phil! Thanks.

  4. says:


    Your pictures are delightful after all this snow.. Cheery, actually. I am dropping band.. both groups, for several reasons. I wish you well in making happy songs. Lots of friends will be missed.

    The nature parks offer some beauty and solace. I walked at Cox yesterday.. Zip, the dog who guards against the geese, accompanied us to the tree house. However, due to ice/snow we could not climb up it. So we continued our walk.


  5. paaaron1 says:

    Linda, enjoy your break from NHB. Zipp is always a welcome at Cox
    thanks for your comments

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