snow2Spring snow, sun and shade

Shadows show there’s more to see

Look down for beauty!



From Thomas Merton’s When The Trees Say Nothing: “The morning got more and more brilliant  and I could feel the brilliancy of it getting into my own blood. Living close to the cold, you feel the spring. And this is man’s mission! The earth cannot feel all this. We must.”





  1. Very nice Phil. I don’t think many people notice shadows, in fact they seem to ignore them. Maybe they are reminded of their own “shadows” and don’t want to see them… [image: Inline image 1]

    Charles P. Wanda, SM Gallery Saint John dayton-gallery-saintjohn.org

    Home: 937.627.8091 Cell: 937.623.3032

  2. You paint very effectively with your camera Phil.

    I guess I notice shadow, especially on snow when they take on a blue color, because I use shadows when watercolor painting.

    Phil, you seem to find joy in everything you do. Good on-ya as Australians like to say.

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