I have used quotations from Thomas Merton’s book When The Trees Say Nothing to accompany images from the wet woods at Wegerzen Five Rivers Metro Park.


Our woods are beautiful. The peace of the woods almost always steals over me when I am at prayer in the monastery


It is a strange awakening to find the sky inside you and beneath you and above you and all around you so that your spirit is one with the sky, and all is positive ….


To go out to walk silently in this wood–this is a more important and significant means to understanding, at the moment, than a lot of analysis and a lot of reporting on the things “of the spirit.”


And I thought—“Nobody ever comes here!” The marvelous quiet! The sweet scent of the woods—the clean stream, the peace, the inviolate solitude! And to think that no one pays attention to it. It is there and we despise it, and we never taste anything like it with our fuss and our books


A beautiful spring day—one of those than which no more beautiful is possible. Everything green and cool …Bright sun, clear sky, almost everything now fully in leaf except that some of the oaks are still silver rather than green.


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7 Responses to REFLECTIONS

  1. Don Geiger says:


    Thanks for sharing your visit to Wegerzyn and Merton.

    Don Geiger

  2. Laura McManamon says:

    Appreciate the quotes with the photoes.

  3. Tom j. j. Oster says:

    Thanks Phil: Interesting pictures of uncommon sights,  the trees, water & surroundings,   the variety of greens & grays.   Also I like the quotes of Merton you chose   accompanying the photos.   I particularly like Merton’s writing from 1958 on,   maybe especially:   “Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander”    Tom O.

  4. Carmon M. Marshall says:

    Great observations and interpretations.

    Wonderful. Want to visit this park. Thank you.

  5. Pat Firem says:

    You continue to astound and amaze with your eye for God’s beauty. Many happy memories of biking with
    you and Sheldon along the Emerald necklace. Pat

  6. Nancy Bramlage says:

    Phil, you are getting gorgeous photos! and I love putting the Merton quotes with them. Someone should make a book out of these photos with quotes to ponder.


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