From Eyes of the Heart by C V Painter: “we need to be aware of the way images of God can distort our view of ourselves and the sacred presence at the heart of the world,


 such as the God who tests, judges, or punishes us;


the God who doles out answers to prayers as if in a divine vending machine;


 the God who controls everything or God whom we control;










 or the God who decides who is worthy of love or suffering.






We all have subtle, and not so subtle, God images that are limiting.” 


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5 Responses to MORE MAY FLOWERS

  1. Jim Vogt says:

    Great photos, Phil. For those of us unfamiliar, especially with wildflowers, could you identify them?

    • paaaron1 says:

      Jim, thanks for following my blog. I am not too good at identifying wildflowers by name..I leave that to Don Gieger. I just call them by color: red, blue, yellow. There are some web sites where you can plug in a description and they do a pretty good job.

  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful flowers, Phil. Please be careful with your text, you may get in trouble with Cardinal Muller. 😉

  3. Carmon M. Marshall says:

    Thank you for the joy of looking at these wonderfully colorful creations. Poetry in motion for sure.

    The message is appreciated as well. A Roman Catholic Priest we have known for years recently told us that ” God made man in his own image–and some have returned the favor.”

    Sadly, some seem to have difficulty thinking beyond themselves.

  4. Pat Firem says:

    I couldn’t agree more with how distorted we manage to make our God-images. Poor God! Pat

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