My Week In The Woods

I spent the last week at a hermitage in Kentucky and found these scenes which reminded me of Thomas Merton’s time in his hermitage:

“I can imagine no other joy than to have such a place to be at peace in, to love silence, to think and write, to listen to the wind and all the voices of the wood,…” Thomas MertonĀ 

DSC02526My cabin























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8 Responses to My Week In The Woods

  1. RJ says:

    Nice pics. “Hermitage” is a new word to me. A place owned by someone for hermits or for people to go and act like hermits for a temporary period of time? Who owns it? How does one arrange to be a temporary hermit? What are the amenities? Is there electricity? Plumbing? Etc? Did you read of the hermit in main, the thief of the pond who lived alone for 28-ish years and got by via stealing all that he needed? Assume you skipped that last part.

  2. Al says:

    Phil, love the 4th picture of the tree limbs. You need to go back and do an in-depth study. Thanks for sharing the experience. Al

  3. Chris Winstanley says:

    Very intriguing Uncle Phil. When Roger and go out overnight in the boat we often prefer to anchor out in a cove instead of going into a marina. It is usually so quiet and peaceful as well as spectacularly beautiful. We do however talk to each other. Don’t know how I would do being completely silent.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

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