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10 Responses to AUTUMN ABSTRACTS

  1. Helen Heitz says:

    Autumn Abstracts are beautiful!! Thank you!! HH

  2. paaaron1 says:

    Helen, thanks for following.

  3. carmon marshall says:

    Thank you for sharing.

    Love our season changes.

    Remind me of this in February please.

  4. Chris Winstanley says:

    These are great !

  5. says:

    Beautiful photos of Fall reflections in water.   Nancy

  6. says:

    You are the new Monet! I , too, walk in the woods almost daily and my pond does not reflect such beauty. Maybe it is not the right time of day.

    Greetings to you and the band.


    • paaaron1 says:

      Linda, thanks for your comment. My photos reflect what’s around the pond and if only grass there is not much to see. So, you need a pond with lots of trees around it.
      Our baritone section needs help!!!

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