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10 Responses to AUTUMN ART

  1. Jim Vogt says:

    Your photos are almost Monet-like.


    Jim Vogt

    523 East Southern Ave.

    Covington KY 41015; 859-291-6197

  2. paaaron1 says:

    Jim, thanks for following

  3. carmon marshall says:

    These reflection images are special.

    I tried to guess how you managed the spectacular color imaging, and considered your having used a special lens filter. Also, seeing the reflected image showing for instance a tree with the trunk at the bottom of the frame was clever. You printed the reflection alone, moving the trunk to the bottom, and then copy to the intended final mailing?

    However you did it, we enjoyed the result. Thank you.

    • paaaron1 says:

      Carmon, thanks for your interest. The photos are reflections on water and manipulated on the painting with paint. On the computer I get to choose the degree of color. Try it

  4. Mary says:

    Phil, these are gorgeous! I love the one with the ducks. Thanks so much for sharing these images, balm for a soul missing autumn in Ohio. xo

  5. says:

    I love them all! Especially, the blue bird one. Great moments of beauty. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Erin Anderson says:

    These are GORGEOUS!!! (I am going to bother you for a print or two!) 🙂

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