“Now snow clouds are coming up in the west, and the bones of the hills in the south have snow on them and the trees are picked out sharply like iron bristles against a streak of pale, indifferent green sky.”


“All the trees are heavy with snow and the hills hang like white clouds in the sky.”“


“Dead leaves still cling to the oaks and they also are dull brown.”


“All the life and color of the the landscape is in the snow and sky, as if the soul of winter had appeared and animated our world this morning.”


“I am absorbed in the lovely blue and mauve shadows on the snow and the indescribably delicate color of the sunlit patches under the trees.”


“Everything is curtained in purple greyness and ice.”


“…dark, etched out with snow, standing in obscurity and in a kind of spaciousness I had never seen before.”

Quotations from Thomas Merton in When the Trees say Nothing.

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12 Responses to EARLY WINTER

  1. RJO says:

    Beautiful pictures, but far too early in the calendar for this. Stay warm, see you soon.

  2. Dottie Wise says:

    Nice job!!!You had to go outside to capture all this beauty.! Dottie

  3. barrisha1 says:

    23 November 2014 Great stuff! I even enjoy the image of the novitiate building.

    I skimmed over the article by Sandra Schneiders. I believe many of us intuitively knew that things have changed permanently in our religious life. My hope is that those in authority will begin to communicate these new realities to our people. As we used to read in the text at our Requiem Masses. . .” Life is changed, not taken away.”

    I liked and still like the past, but it is over, so let’s get on with the present opportunities. In a book review in the latest Catholic Reporter is a new volume about the church in the US. It indicates that the church really must focus on parish as community. I’m not sure on many parishes do this at present, but I do see an apostolate there for religious who are really interested in making a difference in the world today. Higher education certainly will be continued as an apostolate, but it will be different. And perhaps we have given up all hopes of being present except in our influence in high school education.

    This is a very interesting and exciting time to be alive. Perhaps I will have a few more years of this interesting and exciting time.

    Peace! Joe Barrish, SM

    • This is certainly a bit of serendipity as this morning I launched into the article by Sandra Schneiders — and it has moved me to print it so as to share it with others: community and friends. Life is indeed changed, not taken away. We are now a part of it.

  4. Lauralib says:

    Beautiful Phil – I appreciate the winter visuals! The snow has arrived!

  5. Pat Firem says:

    Dear Phil, I finally looked at your lovely photographic serenade today, and absolutely love it. I’ve been trying to
    introduce a couple of persons to Thomas Merton, and this is perfect! I wonder what is the blue inside the log of
    one of your photos? A bird huddling? Great metaphor for receiving what we need from the Father. Keep on
    moseying; with your creativity ! Pat Firem

  6. watkinsloa@aol.com says:

    Phil, I just returned home after a walk in the beginnings of a snow fall. Your photos are an artistic gift. Thanks. Linda

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