Images I have recently received reflected in water and ice are accompanied by quotations from “Eyes of The Heart” by Christine Valters Paintner.

You may discover images reflected in a mirror or a window, in a puddle or lake, or in the chrome of a car or a polished floor.


Be attentive to those places where images are offered in repetition or reflection, mirrored back to you, and what they invite you to ponder.


The images you receive may not just be reflections of you; they may also be reflections of other things or persons that invite you to consider their meaning and significance for your life.


Allow each reflection to become a symbol for something in you to ponder.


You might say a reflection is a seeing within seeing.


Reflections offer us another way of receiving the gift of new eyes.


Whisper your truth to that ‘quiet reflection’ you find…, listening for the response and remembering it.


  1. Gorgeous! The third one especially looks like a Monet painting. I love how you see art in the everyday, Phil. And how it calls to our hearts.

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