Stones carefully set

After we all have vanished

Tell that we were here.








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9 Responses to AFTER WE’RE GONE

  1. thomasgable says:

    Beautiful shots! Reminds me of my times in the Smoky Mountains where stones are left piled throughout the valleys from old settlements! Incredible to think about the life that used to be there! Anyway, really enjoyed your post and am definitely looking forward to more of them from this blog!

  2. says:

    Thanks, Phil. It was good to see you last Sunday and the birthday party for Rachel. According to this morning’s paper , there is an exhibit at the UD Library dedicated to the role of nuns, priest and brothers ( some who have served UD). Are you in these photos? Your recent pictures remind me of Possum Creek. There was an old amusement park there at one time. We always ride our horses by the ruins. Looks the same. Days gone by.

    Linda Watkins

    • paaaron1 says:

      Linda, some of the photos were from Possum Creek. I am not in any of the photos at the library but I know most of the people. Good to see you and hope you can attend out concert on Ap 26. Thanks for your comment

  3. Madeleine says:

    These are wonderful. Ireland has many, many stone structures – some very ancient. This almost had me weeping – I remembered my father building a boundary wall…… And his pride in the finished work. Thank you

    • paaaron1 says:

      Madeleine, thanks for your comment. In Ireland you are certainly way ahead of us in building stone structures.. I remember seeing them when I drove your car to the west back in 1972 or 73

  4. Laura McManamon says:

    Beautiful summary of life in words and pictures.

  5. Jakewashere says:

    Wow beautiful pictures. Makes me respect the life I have, seeing what’s left from others who have passed.

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