1. Thank you Phil.

    Your pictures cheer me some at a time when I most need it.

    Our Ohio refund due us is a few hundred dollars in size and it could not have been avoided. Our federal and state approved tax preparer did our taxes as is customary for us. Our currently in power politicians are holding up our return, risking a damaging emotional experience for us as we are required to go online and in five minutes required time period, or fail, scurry around our house looking for names and prior property tax amounts from years ago or some other obscure question to prove we are we. I see this to be identical to their trumped up desire to suppress the voters they suspect would never vote for them. Unfair, UnAmerican, and typical of the Republican party.

  2. Phil,

    The picture of a sea of yellow flowers is probably a sea of the introduced invasive weed Lesser Celandine, Ranunculus ficaria. Within recent years it has become a very serious invasive plant that wipes out the spring willdflowers, especially along streams. Don’t plant it anywhere!

    On a positive note I greatly appreciate your moseying.

    Don Geiger

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