Mayapples favor forested areas and grow in sets of dozens of green umbrella-like plants.


The flower forms only in those shoots with a Y branch.


You need to get down low to see the flower.


mayapple (1)


By the end of May the flower has turned into a small apple-shaped fruit and the plant starts to fade away.


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3 Responses to MAYAPPLES

  1. Carmon Marshall says:

    Thank you Phil.

    Through your eyes and your camera viewfinder we come to realize how special springtime really is.

    We have wild flowers in our back yard, such as Wild Flox and blue bonnets and such, and in each case, the plant withers and ceases to grow the leaves of the plant just after the flower drops off. We have wondered why this is?

  2. paaaron1 says:

    Carmon, Looks like its purpose is completed

    • Carmon Marshall says:

      Well said, thank you. I have considered this, thinking about it’s reproduction, and the use of bee’s for this, then wait until next season to surprise and delight us all over again. Nature is wonderful. Thanks.

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