An image can speak

Each one hears differently

What’s it say to you







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6 Responses to IMAGES THAT SPEAK

  1. Kathy Schwiebert says:

    Your pictures always seem to remind me that I am not taking enough time to stop and look around at my surroundings – thanks for the reminder – your pictures are beautiful and an oasis for my day!

  2. carmon marshall says:

    I feel you should consider finding a way to expand your viewing public. The more exposure our local wetlands get the more time they may have to exist. Land is constantly under assault due thoughtless site selection for new housing construction. I see the value of having your photography published locally. Considerations might be: local television weather stations; Dayton Daily News; Dayton City Paper. Individuals such as Bob Jurick who is a conservationist living in Fairborn would be someone you might contact. He has used media in this way but never using pictures such as yours.

    Photography caused our national parks to exist, so you might help save these wonderful wetlands where you have captured their beauty so skillfully. Just a thought.

  3. Mary says:

    Phil, I agree with Kathy. Your photos show the breath-taking beauty in the ordinariness around us. They make me think about my engagement with nature, and even more about my way of being in the world. Thank you for ministering to us in this gentle way! Love you.

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