Allwood’s last flowers

Bloom in glorious color

Frost is coming soon!

DSC05102 (2)


DSC05103 (2)

DSC05097 (2)

DSC05094 (2)

DSC05099 (2)

DSC05096 (2)


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10 Responses to ALLWOOD GARDEN’S LAST HURRAH (click)

  1. Linda and Dallas says:

    Hi Phil ! My zinnias look a bit like your photos. The colors are still trying to hang on. Enjoy the sun today!

  2. carmon marshall says:

    And a loud hurrah it was !!

  3. Dottie Wise says:

    Beautiful bright colors lead the way to the pretty muted colors of autumn. My favorite season!! You capture it well!!

  4. Al Burgunder says:

    Phil, my hive of bees would really enjoy the gardens if they were a little closer. Great pics, thanks.

  5. Domingo says:

    So nice. Inspiring. Thank you. Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2015 11:33:33 +0000 To:

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