Light, water, color

Ponds reflect their surroundings

Look down for beauty!

DSC05159 (2)

DSC05156 (2)


DSC05167 (2)

DSC05155 (2)

DSC05162 (2)

DSC05157 (2)DSC05154 (2)
DSC05157 (2)


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11 Responses to FALL LIGHT AND REFLECTION (click title)

  1. corrigan1651 says:

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  2. Super reflections! Like an Autumn dream!

  3. Wow! Another beautiful would at our feet!

  4. Domingo Gomez says:

    Bro. Phil, these pictures have a Claude Monet quality about them. I am thinking of the Water Lilies he created. Very nice. Again, thank you.

  5. Patty Thompson says:

    Phil, I love these Autumn reflections!

  6. Erin says:


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