Fall fog settles in

Nothing appears quite the same

Quiet mystery

DSC05378 (2)

DSC05288 (3)

DSC05366 (2)


DSC05385 (2)


DSC05380 (2)

DSC05383 (2)

DSC05357 (2)

DSC05356 (2)


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6 Responses to FALL FOG AT BEAVERCREEK WETLANDS (click here)

  1. carmon marshall says:

    There it is !

    The inner character of trees.

    Good for you.

    Take up watercolor painting and feel the joy.

  2. wigalroom says:

    Hi Bro Phil: Thanks for sharing your elegant photos of the autumn trees in the fog. I hear some very appropriate Bach when seeing your images. I wish I knew how to put such a sound track to your artful photos.  Don

  3. Domingo Gomez says:

    Perfect for Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos and Friday 13th: The fog.

  4. Linda and Dallas says:

    OK Phil. Adds to this gloomy day of gray. I can see that you have been adventuring from the sunshine, relfections and designs. Reality strikes: there will be gray and gloom sometimes.
    Have a good Thanksgiving. Gratitude is essential.


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