DSC06154 (2)
DSC06147 (2)

DSC06153 (2)
DSC06148 (2)

DSC06145 (2)DSC06150

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10 Responses to RESURRECTION!

  1. Great, unusual photos–they work perfectly with the Resurrection theme! I like the spirit-like flames in that first photo!

  2. RJ says:

    Happy Easter, UPhil! These are very cool!

  3. Patty Thompson says:

    Happy Easter, Phil! Very cool photos!

  4. Carmon Marshall says:

    Interesting comparison. I hope the open fire warmed you.

    Happy Easter

  5. Beverly Kaser says:

    I am a bit late in logging on but am impressed with your creativity. Belated Happy Easter to you and Fr. Burns. See you Thursday! Beve

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