SPIDER WEBS AT BEAVER CREEK WETLANDS and other (click for better view)

DSC06461 (2) DSC06464 (2) DSC06460 (2) DSC06457 (2) DSC06462 (2) DSC06458 (2)

DSC06449 (2)

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4 Responses to SPIDER WEBS AT BEAVER CREEK WETLANDS and other (click for better view)

  1. Carmon Marhshall says:

    Nature at it’s best.

    The webs were well constructed by hard working spider engineers.

    As you likely know, the Beavercreek Wetlands exist only because of hard working citizen efforts. The Beavercreek conservation effort inspired us in Fairborn and to some extent it resulted in a similar wetlands save. The two are related all party of an origional large single wetland. We need wetlands desperately for so many reasons, preservation of nature and promoting rain at the same time.

    Land developers are very willing to liquidate wetlands to develop for profit and the communities lose more than is sometimes realized.

    I feel the work you do promoting wetlands is a blessing and I thank you for what you do.


    • paaron1 says:

      Carmon, glad to see you continue to follow and thanks for your comment. The BC wetlands is quite extensive and is an impressive community effort.

  2. Beverly Kaser says:

    Amazing photography!!! I am sooo impressed!!! Thank you for sharing your talent. Beve

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