1. The photos plus historical facts are quite enlightening in the “DULL WOODS”. Always look forward to your posts!!!

    1. Dull Woods is just down rt 40 where it crosses the bike path..walk a half mile south to see it up close and personal…hope the Honor Garde was a good event…my sleep was!

  2. Great stuff! Many people look — few people SEE! Continue seeing! Joe B,S M

    On Sun, Apr 30, 2017 at 7:41 AM, Moseying Through My Eighties wrote:

    > paaron1 posted: “Dull Woods, a unique gem Five Rivers Metroparks jewel > Small but big in diversity. ” >

  3. Phil, I often ran into Ralph and Chris Dull when I was in Dayton at peace rallies. Very nice people. Do you know them too? Are they both still alive???


    1. Yes, I think they are still around Last time I saw her she looked pretty weak.. Dull Woods is a part of their rather extensive homestead.

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