DSCN9558 (2)DSCN9555 (2)DSCN9575 (2)








DSCN9567 (2)

DSCN9571 (2)DSCN9562 (2)

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5 Responses to COLOR ME FALL

  1. barrisha1 says:

    Great stuff! I parituclarly like the image witht the pink and yellow greens. Joe Barrish, SM

  2. paaron1 says:

    Joe, thanks for commenting those colors are going for now on to monochrome!!

  3. Beverly Kaser says:

    So cozy. Each photo almost talks. What kind of camera do you use? My camera has seen its final days…tried new batteries…to no avail…just refuses to work. Feel compelled to replace mine. Just need a direction.

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