Wayne Lakes

DSCN0914 (2)DSCN0923 (2)Wayne Lakes is a small village five miles south of Greenville, Ohio situated around more than a dozen small lakes left over from glaciers of the ice age. Native Americans and early US army bivouacked in the area which now is the home of roughly 800 residents. One of the lakes features a swimming beach fed by springs. It is a unique community to say the least.DSCN0921 (2)DSCN0915 (2)DSCN0916 (2)

DSCN0908 (2)DSCN0907 (2)DSCN0919 (2)DSCN0925 (2)

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3 Responses to Wayne Lakes

  1. Beverly Kaser says:

    An early Surprise!!! Hope to learn more about the area at our NHB lunch at Basils!!!

  2. Helen Heitz says:

    Greetings Phil, I never heard of Wayne Lakes before. It sure looks beautiful. Thank you for the pictures. Really pretty. Helen H


  3. paaron1 says:

    Wow, loved the photos! Thanks for sharing with others!

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