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6 Responses to POND ICE

  1. John Hric says:

    Nice pics. There is something about a winter walk, even if the sun is not so warm. Thanks

  2. paaron1 says:

    right, thanks for commenting

  3. Madeleine says:

    Wonderful, Madeleine

  4. paaron1 says:

    Madeleine, thanks for commenting best wishes for spring

  5. bevekaser@gmail.com says:

    Pond Ice brings back fond memories of putting our ice skates on and skating the frozen Englewood Dam pulling our kids on sleds behind!!! Having Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows after in front of the fireplace. Oh…the good old days!!!

  6. paaron1 says:

    Right, those were the days…now all the officials are worried about litigation….thanks for commenting

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