DSCN2683 (2)DSCN2689 (2)DSCN2709 (2)DSCN2699 (2)DSCN2680 (2)

DSCN2681 (2)


DSCN2685 (2)DSCN2682 (2)



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4 Responses to FOREST FLOWERS

  1. Nancy Bramlage says:

    Oh,these spring blooms are just beautiful!

  2. paaron1 says:

    thanks for commenting No lilies of the valley yet

  3. Beve Kaser says:

    One of those photos looks like Trillium…which was nearly extinct back in the 80’s. Do you know which I’m referring to??? Do you know the names of the plants you photographed and or were they marked??? Awesome grounds!!!

  4. paaron1 says:

    Thanks for commenting right, the last photos are trillium I don’t know all the names. I call the “little blue” or “pretty white” etc

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