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9 Responses to MORRIS RESERVE II

  1. Tina Schell says:

    The colors in these are simply gorgeous

  2. Don Szumnarski says:

    Beautiful. Your photos of Morris inspired us to visit it this week. Thanks for the photos and inspiration. Don and Marti Szumnarski

  3. paaron1 says:

    glad you got out there The woods should be attractive in the fall

  4. Helen Heitz says:

    Thank you for your beautiful pictures, Phil, especially this morning when we’re all feeling sad and grief-stricken. Helen H


  5. Beve Kaser says:

    Fascinating nature photos!!! As usual…creative and beautiful!!! I now remember the whereabouts of the Island retreat!!! Peace!!!

  6. paaron1 says:

    Beve, something about an island for sure

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